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"Liberty and Duty, Freedom and Responsibility. That's the Deal if You're an American."

-Dr. John Gardner, Advisor to Presidents

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...Or This.

Which is better for America?

Service Over Self (SOS) America believes that our young men, 18 to 26, and women who elect to participate, should serve in the military for a minimum of one year to augment the current all-volunteer force. This will benefit the individual and the nation. If you agree, please JOIN US NOW.

Americans honor military service.

We know the value of military service for the nation and the individual. Fewer than 1% of Americans currently serve in the military and fewer than 7% have ever served. Defense of the nation is a citizen's task.

Words—We need actions to back the words.

SOS America advocates an affordable national program that calls on every young man between the age of 18 and 26 (and women who elect to participate) to serve at least one year in the military. The timing for this year of service will be at their choosing. The aim is to create small diverse units that reflect the character of the nation.

Would the nation (and the individual) benefit from such a program?

If you say Yes (as most Americans we've polled do), we ask that you join us in building a nationwide member base in order to induce legislative action and influence the electoral process. We need our elected officials to act for the good of the nation.


$24 a year (only $2/month) will help provide a common crucible of citizen service. Your membership can enable a better and renewed America. Affordability, practicality and necessary public policy details follow. Again, please JOIN US. Go to Q&A for additional information.

"We must all hang together or, assuredly, we will all hang separately."
- Benjamin Franklin